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New system & wal-di.App

We are currently developing a comprehensive and secure social app. For the running costs and the further development we ask you for support.


This is is the platform for a worldwide exchange and contact among Waldorf students. Whether you are simply seeking mail correspondence, a host family abroad, or you are willing to accommodate an exchange student yourself, provides the platform to do so.


–> Just look at the advantages offers:

Free of charge
You do not have to enter any contractual commitments. A foreign exchange mostly involves high costs charged by an agency that organizes the trip. You save these expenses if you book your exchange via

You can determine the date and duration of your exchange trip yourself.

Place of Choice
Most companies providing exchange trips have fixed allocations in respect to the town, school and family in their programs. does not. You can decide on your own country, region, town and school. Then you can get in touch with the students of the school.

As is an exchange site for Waldorf students, the environment it provides is easily ascertained. The schools which the students file their registrations for are listed in the database, thus  obstructing  the entry of false addresses in the registry. Besides the member of the teaching staff who is responsible for overseeing the exchange program must confirm you are a bona fide student of the school.

You can get to know your future exchange student, host parents and school before travelling to the country by visiting them online in advance  long before you go on the planned exchange visit.

Your personal information will not be passed on to third parties.



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–> About us

The initial idea for a school exchange project has very much to do with the increased importance now given to foreign language skills and gaining experience abroad.  The reasons are manifold. The realization by parents that an exchange is required is often accompanied by the necessity of meeting the high costs involved. Usually private companies are contracted with the implementation of the exchange. Such comprehensive “We take care of everything.” service packages can range from 6,000 to 10,000 Euros.

As the host families and the schools are not known before the beginning of the journey, unpleasant surprises can be one of the side-effects of the experience. Cheaper alternatives are rare and of poor quality. The only other possibility therefore are short term exchanges with partner schools. An exchange site catering for Waldorf Schools enables planned exchanges in the holidays and during the school term, it offers a platform upon which to exchange general information between the schools and opens up the possibility to become twin or exchange schools.

Our child attended the Rudolf Steiner School in Lüneburg and we believe a visit abroad and taking in guest students can be an enriching experience in many different ways. You come in contact with other languages, lifestyles and cultural differences, you go beyond your own little way of seeing and doing things and you let other people participate in your life.

We hope that the website leads to numerous contacts and friendships among Waldorf students and schools around the whole world.

Anke and Andreas Patzelt